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Post by Kami on Mon Jul 16, 2018 2:43 pm

Namekians are the predominant form of
intelligent life on the planet Namek. They are
among the most important race in the universe
due to their apparently unique ability to create
Dragon Balls and the dragons they summon,
allowing for wishes to be made. They are
traditionally a peaceful species, but due to
the horrible strife that has plagued their
planet since the discovery of the Dragon
Balls they have had to adapt. Namekians
have since created a cast of warriors
whose sole duty is to protect the
people of Namek and to ensure
the Dragon Balls don’t fall in to
the wrong hands ever again.

• Namekians have the unique ability to
extend their arms beyond what would
seem naturally possible. This allows
them to manipulate objects with their
hands at long distances as well as
attack opponents with single
standard attacks or grapples at
• Namekians, having a completely alien biology,
are able to heal themselves by regrowing their
limbs, much like reptiles. A Namekian can replace any lost
limbs or non-vital organs. The torso and
head cannot be regenerated. This takes a great
deal of energy and, as such, inflicts a degree of
fatigue when used.

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